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The Biomechanics lab is located on the first floor (Room 112, tel. +386 1 300 11 914) in the building of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Zdravstvena pot 5, Ljubljana.


  • Two portable force platforms Kistlert 9866 AA with BioWare sofware.
  • Web-based software system for analysing stabilometric data.
  • GaitRite – Portable Gait Analysis System consiting of instrumented walkway and software to measure spacio-temporal gait parameters.
  • GNRB Arthrometer - a dynamic laximeter that measures the sagittal translation of the tibia at 20° of flexion to reproduce the Lachman position.
  • ViAmp – 8 channel electromyographic system with the appropriate software. May be used to register EMG, ECG and EEG signals.
  • StepWatch Activity Monitors to continuously record the number of steps per time interval over extended monitoring periods.
  • Hand-held dynamometers.
  • Dynamometer for measuring the isometric contraction force of tigh flexor and extensor muscles.
  • Polar heart rate monitors.

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