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Biomechanics Laboratory
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The members of the Chair of Biomechanics Division do research, professional and pedagogical work in the field of Biomechanics, i.e. studying living systems by means of mechanical principles. We study the mechanisms of human posture and balance control at quiet upright standing, temporal and spatial walk parameters of subjects belonging to various age groups; functions and consequences of injuries of the knee joint and biomechanical properties of hip and the associated pathological conditions. Our research is also directed to the etiology of the diseases such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, AIDS and thromboembolism; by studying the basic mechanisms, which include cell membranes. We perform research in
  • Biomechanical laboratory (measurements of postural stability parameters by stabilometry, analysis of the walk parameters as measured by an instrumented walkway, measuring knee laxity with arthrometer) and
  • Laboratory of Clinical Biophysics (non-invasive diagnostics using extracellular microvesicles, the interaction of cell and artificial membranes with nanoparticles, industrial particles and various agents, intercellular communication with the membrane nanostructures).
For our research purposes, we develop experimental procedures, the appropriate software and laboratory equipment. We also develop the appropriate theories to describe the experiments and carry out fundamental theoretical studies on systems with a large number of particles as well as in the field of fluid mechanics, classical electromagnetic field theory and nanosciences, and perform clinical research.

We have an active international cooperation but also collaborate with other similar organisations in our country. Our research work is partially financed by national and European projects. The results of our work is regularly published in reputable international journals.

We put also emphasis to disseminate the results into practice and into general and professional environment. We include in our research and teaching young researchers, doctoral, master and undergraduate students. We take special care to regularly report our research results at the international and national professional meetings and publish papers also in national journals. We also take special care of publishing suitable teaching materials for the field of biomechanics.

Chair of the biomechanics division is responsible for all habilitation procedures in the field of biomechanics at the University of Ljubljana as we are recognised as the principal institution in this field.