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Chair of Biomechanics Division

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Biomechanics Laboratory
Laboratory of Clinical Biophysics


The Chair of Biomechanics offers to industry and other interested subjects:
  • expert knowledge in the field of biomechanics,
  • measurements and validation of balance in different age groups and people with special health conditions,
  • measurements and validation of gait parameters by an instrumented walkway,
  • measurements and evaluation of the knee joint laxity,
  • determination of the anterior cruciate ligament injuries,
  • determination of the exposure to risk of injury of the anterior cruciate ligament in the proffessional and recreational athletes,
  • counseling about the procedures to improve the balance, walking and problems with the knee joint,
  • organization of the exercises to improve balance in the elderly and other risk groups,
  • counseling in the field of ergonomics in collaboration with experts from other related fields,
  • development of the experimental procedures and analysis in the field of clinical biomechanics,
  • participation in clinical trials,
  • participation in the development of software for diagnostics based on extracellular microvesicles,
  • the development of methods for the isolation and storage of microvesicles,
  • measurement and interpretation of microvesicle isolates from body fluids,
  • studies of the impact of industrial nanoparticles, dyes and drugs on the cell and artificial membranes,
  • measurements by flow cytometry,
  • measurements by optical microscopy,
  • mathematical modeling,
  • statistics and statistical modeling,
  • signal processing,
  • computer image analysis,
  • pattern recognition and machine learning,
  • software development.